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Genetic Testing

All cancers have a genetic basis and are thought to be due to changes in the DNA. But it is believed that 5 to 15 percent of all cancers are due to genetic changes that can be inherited.

With the discovery of breast, ovarian, colon and many other cancer genes, it is now possible to be tested for hereditary cancer. Our Hereditary Cancer Quiz identifies appropriate patients to test based on an analysis of their personal history and their family's cancer history.

Our physician/nurse practitioner counsels individuals with a personal or family history of cancer. Testing is especially important for individuals who have:

  • Multiple primary cancers
  • Been diagnosed with cancer at an unusually young age (<50)
  • A family history of a clustering of rare or unusual cancers
  • A family member that tested positive for a known cancer gene mutation
  • Multiple family members with cancer

Most insurance plans cover genetic testing with appropriate indications.

Genetic Testing In Our Office

Testing is now simple and easy with a buccal test. Our office staff will help complete your paperwork by asking you about your personal and family histories of cancers. You will then swish mouthwash for 30 seconds and spit into a specimen tube. Myriad genetics company will contact your insurance company for approval. Results typically take about 2 weeks.