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Breast Ultrasound

What is Breast Ultrasound?
An ultrasound is a painless and safe test using high frequency sound waves to view the breast. This method can distinguish between lumps that are solid and cysts filled with fluid. No x-ray or radiation is used.

How to Prepare
If you have had a mammogram, please bring your films. The radiologist needs to review these to make sure the area of concern seen on the mammogram is adequately seen with the ultrasound exam. There is no special preparation for this exam. You will undress from the waist up, so wear a two-piece outfit on the day of your ultrasound.

What to Expect
During the ultrasound you will lie on your back. Gel will be placed on your skin to help the transducer (scanner) slide across your skin and improve the image. The procedure takes from 10 to 30 minutes.

After Ultrasound
Your doctor will have the results of your ultrasound within three to four days. Call your doctor if you have not received the results.